Great handband

Really great for several things, Highly recommended as a gift the ‪#‎WeidengGoldplatedfit6‬.5-7.5incheswristsStainlessSt is a really great gift for everyone that is looking for something great for their girlfriends or anything else



I recently received a product form Prymal, LLC, and it is awesome. It makes your cat look like a lion! The product itself comes in a wrapper, and it fits small sized dogs, and small to medium sized cats. The product is a great gag gift, or great for fun. Highly recommend #LionCatHat.


Dog Whistle!

I’ve taken up on training a pitbull for a dog shelter, and this dog whistle has been working wonders so far, it also comes with a clicker which is really great to teach the dog how to sit, and how to shake. The product is of really high quality, and will work on any of my animals. Thus, I think it will work on any of ya all’s animal as well. Highly recommended 5/5



The 10 feet apple cable has been great for me, I’ve used it at several occasions where an regular cable would just be out of reach. The cable works very well, and charges fast despite its length. I would highly recommend this cable to anyone that is curious about a high quality long reach cable. It can be purchased on amazon.

Highly recommended 5/5

Current Issues

School Lunch-Nothing Good

Kids are now boycotting school lunch, and many of them think that it’s worse than prison food.

Pizza, burgers, and chicken patties are items that are regularly on the menu, and it’s rare to see vegetables offered. Well if you don’t consider pizza a vegetable which according to congress it is.

One would think that when a child is growing up it’s a crucial time to feed them correctly, so they are able to perform good in school. Let’s compare it to countries which are known for having a good education, this is taken from their homepage

“The school menu contains all the components of a well-balanced meal, which are: ▪ fresh and cooked vegetables covering half of the plate ▪ potatoes, rice, or pasta covering one quarter of the plate ▪ fish, at least once, preferably twice a week, or meat (or beans and sprouts as part of a vegetarian diet) covering the remaining quarter of the plate ▪ skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, fermented milk ▪ water to quench the thirst ▪ bread with vegetable margarine or butter margarine blend ▪ berries or fruits for dessert”

Could eating better relate to better results in school? I wouldn’t be surprised if what we use as fuel for our bodies relates to our performance. I wouldn’t go as far to say that improves our intellect, but it could surely improve our ability to concentrate, and also reduce childhood obesity which is a huge problem.

Hopefully in the future we will see an improved school lunch, and a healthier youth.lunch-day-40-001

Current Issues, Politics

No Christmas in Italy

A few days ago a headmaster Marco Parma  said enough is enough, and decided to suspend all christmas carols, and concerts at the school. This lead to an outrage so humongous that even the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi got caught up in it.

The Italian PM decided to come up on the opposite side of the headmaster, and publicly criticizing the headmaster for suspending the christmas carols in the name of multiculturalism.

Despite the media outcry Marco Parma also decided to postpone the annual christmas concert, and rename it “winter concert”, and it will also not have any religious songs. He is putting everything on the plate and is willing to stand by to his decision even if they would fire him.

Why is he doing this? Well Parma said “that last year  we had several muslim children that didn’t sing during the concert, they just stood there” and 1/5 children in the school is non-christian.

This seems to be  a very sensitive topic, and it has created several high profiled italian politicians to speak up about the subject, Matteo Salvini called for the headmaster to be sacked immediately. Matteo Salvini is a right -wing anti-immigrant Northern League.

This topic has been handled many times over, and over in the U.S. where schools have cancelled prayers, and other things because of their religious freedom. Italy seems to be getting the same problems as their country is becoming more multicultural in some parts. The more different types of cultures you are having in one country will automatically create these kind of issues. The solution as I’m sure will be a big subject in the future, would be to dissim of all religious holiday activities in public schools, and instead have private schools that arranges these types of activities. I’m sure it’s a very controversial topic in Italy, but it seems incredibly unethical to avoid, and discriminate the 1/5 of the school children in this particular school.



YouTube Recomendations

I’m going to endorse a few YouTube channels I regularly watch.

The first one that comes to mind is Serpentza.

He talks about his experience living in China, and stuff that goes on in his daily life. He is very informative, and he is approachable.  If I ever went to China I would probably try to visit him. He meets up with his subscribers every now and then and goes out with them. He is just an all around awesome guy.

David Pakman Show

This channel is a political channel mostly aimed towards a progressive audience. David and Louise the hosts of the show talk about current news events,  new science, and almost anything that is currently trending. They also answer audience questions, and david gives out his recommendations.

You Suck At Cooking

After randomly discovering the sandwich of justice I was hooked. He makes several different dishes, and adds comedy to it. I tried several of his recipes, and they are all delicious.


Kripparrian is a famous youtuber/twitch streamer. He streams video games mainly games made by Blizzard. He analyzes different types of mechanics , and new game modes that are being released. His calm demeanor makes him a joy to watch.

The Young Turks

TYT was one of the first channels that I watched that got me interested in Youtube. Cenk the personality behind the show is very energetic and passionate about the topic he presents. The show is mostly a political opinionated news show, but they discuss several different topics.

That’s it, if you have a youtube channel that you think I would be interested leave it in the comment section and I’ll gladly check it out