Another Perfect Seasoned Ruined

WHO would have thought Houston Texans would have been The one that broke Bengals Perfect season ? But, today what many people thought was impossible was possible. It wasn’t pretty 10-6, but it got done.

Texans had a horrible start on the season, and they even manage to break a recorded against Dolphins, however not a good recorded. Panther managed to do the most points they have done against any team in half time against Texans. The season looked grim, when rhe season started they were still unsure how to use as a first quaterback, and after several games they picked hoyer, but not without drama. The reserv quaterback misses a training because he overslept, and the he missed the airplane when the them flew out for a pen away game, and that resulted in them sacking him.

In today’s game Hoyer got a concussion and Yates took over, who knows how serious the concussion is, but hopefully hoyer will get well soon. It sure has been a something out of a soap opera for the Texans team season, but so far they haven’t done to bad 4-5, maybe we will be able to see some more wins in the future one can hope. If they manage to get a grip of the quaterback situation they can be a real threat this year.


Ronda Rousey Perfect Record Broken

No, It wasn’t Mayweather that broke her perfect streak, but it was a former boxer Holly Holm. Holly Holm’s 33-2-3 dosen’t come near Mayweather 49-0-0, but not many saw this coming. Holly Holm is now 10-0-0 in MMA, and maybe also the new superstar, but that remains to be seen as Ronda has established not only a reputation in the fighting world, but she has been in several hollywood movies lately (Expendables 3, Furious 7, and  Entourage to name a few ).

The first loss can be crucial to her career as a MMA fighter, but hopefully she will come back even stronger for the next one. Many thought that she was invincible, something like a superwoman. It will be interesting to see what her future holds.

For Holm on the hand running on her undefeated record will be the woman to beat. It is going to be interesting to follow her and see if  she can beat Ronda 12-0, and currently now 12-1.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 14:  UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey hosts #TheLinkParty at the IceLink Boutique West Hollywood benefiting The Special Needs Network on May 14, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for IceLink)


Nightmare Start for Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks last season won Western Conference (51-24-7), and today Anaheim Ducks (3-9-1) was considered as one of the favorites going into this 2015-2016 season in NHL, however they had one of the worst seasons start in the team’s history.

Last night Corey Perry was finally able to score  his first goal of this season lo and behold they were able to snatch a win against Florida Panthers.  Infact Ducks have had so much problem with their goal scoring that a Jamie Benn had more goals than the entire Ducks team. They are yet to win a game on regulation time on away ice currently (0-5-1) the only team so far unable to win on away ice.

So what is the ducks lacking? Their goalkeeper Frederik Andersen (.934) has been doing all he can against the lackluster defense so far, and if the Ducks have been doing bad defensively they have for sure not been better offensively, with only 17 goals so far this season, to put it in perspective most teams have done twice as many goals as Anaheim has done so far.

Something has to be done, and most likely the head coach is going to get fired, but who would be their new coach? There is a lot of question marks going forward this season, hopefully some can be answered.