YouTube Recomendations

I’m going to endorse a few YouTube channels I regularly watch.

The first one that comes to mind is Serpentza.

He talks about his experience living in China, and stuff that goes on in his daily life. He is very informative, and he is approachable.  If I ever went to China I would probably try to visit him. He meets up with his subscribers every now and then and goes out with them. He is just an all around awesome guy.

David Pakman Show

This channel is a political channel mostly aimed towards a progressive audience. David and Louise the hosts of the show talk about current news events,  new science, and almost anything that is currently trending. They also answer audience questions, and david gives out his recommendations.

You Suck At Cooking

After randomly discovering the sandwich of justice I was hooked. He makes several different dishes, and adds comedy to it. I tried several of his recipes, and they are all delicious.


Kripparrian is a famous youtuber/twitch streamer. He streams video games mainly games made by Blizzard. He analyzes different types of mechanics , and new game modes that are being released. His calm demeanor makes him a joy to watch.

The Young Turks

TYT was one of the first channels that I watched that got me interested in Youtube. Cenk the personality behind the show is very energetic and passionate about the topic he presents. The show is mostly a political opinionated news show, but they discuss several different topics.

That’s it, if you have a youtube channel that you think I would be interested leave it in the comment section and I’ll gladly check it out



Person Of Interest

If you like anything that is action packed with  a mystery twist and fast paced I would recommend this TV-Show.

So far there has been 4seasons, and 3 of them are currently available on Netflix. There is about 20-24 episodes per season so far, and each episode is about 45min long.

For me so far the TV-Show has been more than entertaining, it  has been hard to stop watching, and that is pretty rare to come by these days. Hopefully, the new season 5 won’t disappoint. The story is mainly without using any spoilers based on a man trying to help the citizen survive their destiny with help of a computer. It has some funny moments, but that is not really why the serie thrives. It thrives on action, and suspense.

I Rate this show  8 ½ /10