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School Lunch-Nothing Good

Kids are now boycotting school lunch, and many of them think that it’s worse than prison food.

Pizza, burgers, and chicken patties are items that are regularly on the menu, and it’s rare to see vegetables offered. Well if you don’t consider pizza a vegetable which according to congress it is.

One would think that when a child is growing up it’s a crucial time to feed them correctly, so they are able to perform good in school. Let’s compare it to countries which are known for having a good education, this is taken from their homepage

“The school menu contains all the components of a well-balanced meal, which are: ▪ fresh and cooked vegetables covering half of the plate ▪ potatoes, rice, or pasta covering one quarter of the plate ▪ fish, at least once, preferably twice a week, or meat (or beans and sprouts as part of a vegetarian diet) covering the remaining quarter of the plate ▪ skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, fermented milk ▪ water to quench the thirst ▪ bread with vegetable margarine or butter margarine blend ▪ berries or fruits for dessert”

Could eating better relate to better results in school? I wouldn’t be surprised if what we use as fuel for our bodies relates to our performance. I wouldn’t go as far to say that improves our intellect, but it could surely improve our ability to concentrate, and also reduce childhood obesity which is a huge problem.

Hopefully in the future we will see an improved school lunch, and a healthier youth.lunch-day-40-001

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No Christmas in Italy

A few days ago a headmaster Marco Parma  said enough is enough, and decided to suspend all christmas carols, and concerts at the school. This lead to an outrage so humongous that even the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi got caught up in it.

The Italian PM decided to come up on the opposite side of the headmaster, and publicly criticizing the headmaster for suspending the christmas carols in the name of multiculturalism.

Despite the media outcry Marco Parma also decided to postpone the annual christmas concert, and rename it “winter concert”, and it will also not have any religious songs. He is putting everything on the plate and is willing to stand by to his decision even if they would fire him.

Why is he doing this? Well Parma said “that last year  we had several muslim children that didn’t sing during the concert, they just stood there” and 1/5 children in the school is non-christian.

This seems to be  a very sensitive topic, and it has created several high profiled italian politicians to speak up about the subject, Matteo Salvini called for the headmaster to be sacked immediately. Matteo Salvini is a right -wing anti-immigrant Northern League.

This topic has been handled many times over, and over in the U.S. where schools have cancelled prayers, and other things because of their religious freedom. Italy seems to be getting the same problems as their country is becoming more multicultural in some parts. The more different types of cultures you are having in one country will automatically create these kind of issues. The solution as I’m sure will be a big subject in the future, would be to dissim of all religious holiday activities in public schools, and instead have private schools that arranges these types of activities. I’m sure it’s a very controversial topic in Italy, but it seems incredibly unethical to avoid, and discriminate the 1/5 of the school children in this particular school.


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3D Technology Blueprints Banned in Australia

It didn’t take long before the 3D technology industry got into trouble. Who knew, but it probably was inevitable that someone would figure out how to make something dangerous out of a 3D printer.

The blueprint to make them will be bannable to  posses (have it stored on a computer), and there is no easy penalty for being caught with the blueprints it might give you as much as 14 years in jail.

As of  today 3D technology hasn’t really gone mainstream yet, it’s in the early adopters stage. The machine cost a small fortune around $1,2000 plus to get anything remotely good, and it isn’t really user friendly yet. Don’t get me wrong it’s not rocket science or anything, but it’s a little bit of a hassle.

However, the technology has endless of possibilities imagine being able to  make anything you want from home, make a table or a stand for your mobile phone, a pair of shoes, toys, and so forth. The possibilities are endless. The material could also be reused and turned into something else after you don’t need the thing anymore. I can imagine that there will be a large market for blueprints online.

But, with such a machine where even a gun, and probably several other dangerous weapons can be crafted from comes responsibility, and I’m sure we will see several changes to the law in the future, what will be allowed, and what will not.



Current Issues

Facebook and Relationships

Facebook the company most of us has come to use is evolving with us. As of this week, Facebook will allow us to deal with our relationship breakups a little bit easier than before. They added a feature which will without block/unfriend them make them appear less on your feed or in other people’s pictures. It’s called Take a Break.

The feature is much like for us twitter users that have similar feature one can take advantage of it’s called the mute feature.  Sometimes it’s feels scary to know how much information these websites actually have on us. Mark Zuckerberg basically have the information stored about almost every person that you come to met, and all their habits (or most of them). What one could do with that information if one would be able to get hold of it? there would be endless opportunities, and if you have seen Interstellar or heard about this thing called Murphy’s Law ( Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong) It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where someone could get a hold of a lot of people’s information (hacking, and so forth).

While our social media network wants to evolve for a better experience for the end users, it will bring in more people trying to crack the code. What will happened to the information that gets stolen is up to the person or persons that do it. It’s always seems like a choice to sign up for this or that, but sometimes by not using these tools it might lead you in a disadvantage in your social life, and work life.




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Great Barrier Reef Won Protection

Australian Government has banned dredge dumping in the World  Heritage waters. The new bill is seen as a big victory for  WWF, and anyone who cares about the reef. The reef has lost half of its coral in a period over 30 years. Scientist believe that it is because the reef has been under pressure from chemical pollution, plague eating coral starfish, and climate change. It’s now being discussed next month for being listed as “in danger” by Unesco.

Australia has been trying to fight the “in danger” listing with diplomats as it would hurt their $6bn/a  year tourism industry that relies heavily on the reef.

The Australian government have decided to spend over $2bn over the next years to protect the reef. However, a lot of people are very sceptical of their  methods. According to  Nick  Heath spokesman for WWF,  they spend over $500m on maritime safety instead of bringing back coral,sea grass,  turtles, and fish.

What will happened next month in the meeting will be crucial for Australia, and it’s tourism industry. Hopefully, they will continue helping the reef, and continue to work together with WWF.

greet barrier

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Joe’s Crab Shack Eliminates Tipping

If you ever been to the United States, you know that tipping is something that you do at every single restaurant/bar because the waiters are earning aroun $2.13/h Tipping is what breaks or makes the waiters salary. As it can be a good thing idea the restaurant you work for is busy all the time and you therefore will get more tips, depending on if you share the tips with everyone or if you keep your own.

Why are they doing this? Well, they have been like any restaurant business struggling with high turnover, people will quit the job not long after they are hired.  By providing a steady salary $12-14/h they think that they will be able to keep their employees for a longer time. While Joe’s are not struggling to get people to work for them there have been a few that decided to quit because of their new policies.

They also believe that the quality will increase instead of waitress fighting among themselves to get large groups. There will be an increase in in the price by 3% which is still less than what you would pay if you tipped.

How this turn out we have no idea,but I honk that it Wik, be more and more restaurants giving up on the tipping system, but time will tell us

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Starbucks Cup Design Angers Customers

December is coming up and companies ar gearing up for yet another Holdiay season. This year Starbucks decided instead of having a design on their cups to have them to be plain red. What gives? Well apparently this ne design has even got Donald Trumps attention calling out for a bocjott. 

Starbucks wanted the customer to let the customers use their own imagination on their cups, and this of course led to several complains from high profile bloggers saying that Starbucks hates Jesus. Is there a possibility in today’s society to do anything without offending somebody? Starbucks is not a person first of all, so it doesn’t have the ability to hate, and I got a hunch that even thought the cup is red, they have had several teams coming up with the idea, and Probably tried to make it so it appeals to several different kind of people. They also sell several products with Christmas on them, and since when was it a requirement to have special kind of mugs ? Does anyone actually believe that back in the day they cared about what colors the cup had ? 

Also nobody is forcing anyone to go to Starbucks, if you are upset save money and make your coffe at home. As a regular at Starbucks I couldn’t care less what the cup looks like, I go there because of the I enjoy their coffe, and the fast service. If I had the ability to choice a market strategy for Starbucks I would make several custom made cups for an extra price,  plain cups and custom made cups for 30 cent extra, it would give everybody and opportunity to get your special designed cup that is so oh important for a mere price of 30 cent extra it would for sure be worth it? 

Current Issues

Drought in California

The drought has struck California, and with new regulations in place Beverly Hills  is to be fined $61,000 for failing to achieve the goal of reducing water usage by 25% from 2013. 

The fine might seem mediocre for one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Thus, it has led to an outrage as several other cities including Los Angeles achieved its goal.  To, put it in comparison a person living in L.A spent on avrage 68 gallons of water per month compared to in Beverly Hills where the average person spends 175 gallons per person. 

I would guess that the avrage L.A resident have an way smaller yard, and house compared to the people living in Beverly Hills. Homaged homes.
A strong complex of thunderstorms moved through the Houston area Saturday morning with rainfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour in some places.
The result has been high water on roads and in some neighborhoods.
The Harris County Office of Emergency Management told KPRC 2 there were more than 130 water rescues and around 44 reports of structural flooding around the city. Officials also said flood issues are from rain in neighborhoods and not the bayous.
Rain chances will continue for much of the morning and we don’t expect a clearing to happen until mid-afternoon. However, the state is planing on keeping track of individuals that uses more water and maybe in the future sue them for exceeding the maximum treshhold. I do agree that something has to be done, another the wast amount of water being wasted during this serious drought, as it would be unfair towards the rest of the people in the state, and who would want to save water if the people who earns the most are just going to spend it all on watering there yard? 

What could be done is to either increase the fine $61,000 is far less than what people pay for there cars in Beverly Hills it might even be consider pocket change for some.  Here is my list of what they should do:

  1. Increase the fee
  2. Have a system whereas if you reach over the limit the amount you pay will significantly increase ( similar to a cellphone data plan )
  3. Spend money on better equipment that reduces the water output
  4. If an individual don’t care about the increased cost, fine them if they have repeatedly gone over the limit. 
  5. Make the information public, everyone in Beverly Hills care about there reputation making it a stain on your record that you use way too much water during this catastrophic times will change there opinion

Please send me comments on your opinion what the state can do.