The 10 feet apple cable has been great for me, I’ve used it at several occasions where an regular cable would just be out of reach. The cable works very well, and charges fast despite its length. I would highly recommend this cable to anyone that is curious about a high quality long reach cable. It can be purchased on amazon.

Highly recommended 5/5


Wi-Fi Faster Brother Li-Fi

How much faster? Well compared to our precious Wi-Fi it’s like the super hero The Flash, yes, it’s about 100 times faster than Wi-Fi  with speeds up to 1GB per second.

It’s  not just amazing, it’s unbelievable. They have already started implanting Li-Fi in Estonia. How does this Li-Fi work? Well, it’s being transmitted over light, led light to be exact. I’m sure our precious internet company’s aren’t too keen on  this idea, since there would be no need to be apart of them, unless of course we needed some company to do the installation in our home.  Also, it would enable us to use internet on airplanes, as we know today it’s basically impossible unless you fly first class, or in some cases you have to pay for it.

I’m pretty sure the aircraft companies would find away  to charge us for using this technique, maybe just put in the microchip in specific lights on the plane, or manage to switch between two lights one which is paid for, and the other that is not. There is several possibilities for them, and the great thing about these light they  don’t need to shine bright as a computer screen at 2am, there is a possibility to have to so dimm so the human eye don’t notice that is even on.

However, as the technology is pretty new and one would wonder how much one of these Li-Fi chips cost? and will there be a possibility to use for example the light from a computer screen to access the internet from just the light in the screen, or do the light need to come from somewhere else?

While I’m certain we will see more of this in the future, I sure hope our future gets a little bit brighter.

I included a video about Li-Fi.


Business, Current Issues

3D Technology Blueprints Banned in Australia

It didn’t take long before the 3D technology industry got into trouble. Who knew, but it probably was inevitable that someone would figure out how to make something dangerous out of a 3D printer.

The blueprint to make them will be bannable to  posses (have it stored on a computer), and there is no easy penalty for being caught with the blueprints it might give you as much as 14 years in jail.

As of  today 3D technology hasn’t really gone mainstream yet, it’s in the early adopters stage. The machine cost a small fortune around $1,2000 plus to get anything remotely good, and it isn’t really user friendly yet. Don’t get me wrong it’s not rocket science or anything, but it’s a little bit of a hassle.

However, the technology has endless of possibilities imagine being able to  make anything you want from home, make a table or a stand for your mobile phone, a pair of shoes, toys, and so forth. The possibilities are endless. The material could also be reused and turned into something else after you don’t need the thing anymore. I can imagine that there will be a large market for blueprints online.

But, with such a machine where even a gun, and probably several other dangerous weapons can be crafted from comes responsibility, and I’m sure we will see several changes to the law in the future, what will be allowed, and what will not.




You Might Drive a Paper Car in the Future

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Japanese scientist at Ehime University have made some breaking through with paper, making it several thousands times stronger than the paper we are used to.

How is this possible? Well, by reducing the size of the pulp fibers  that makes up paper to nano  levels. This will basically increase the strength of the paper, and make it equally strong as iron.

So what? what can we do with this paper strong as iron? Well, simply put there is a huge potential for this kind of product. If we just take in consideration the weight, the weight of paper as we know is a lot less then iron. The weight will improve for cars for an example it would increase the fuel efficiency as the car weighs less, it reduced the weight in rubber by 20% without reducing the strength.

It  is also very effective of keeping air out from food containers, and medicine, which will increase the shelf life of products.

They claim that this will save the paper industry. It sure is exciting, hopefully we will see these productions out in productions in a couple of years.


Business, Current Issues

Joe’s Crab Shack Eliminates Tipping

If you ever been to the United States, you know that tipping is something that you do at every single restaurant/bar because the waiters are earning aroun $2.13/h Tipping is what breaks or makes the waiters salary. As it can be a good thing idea the restaurant you work for is busy all the time and you therefore will get more tips, depending on if you share the tips with everyone or if you keep your own.

Why are they doing this? Well, they have been like any restaurant business struggling with high turnover, people will quit the job not long after they are hired.  By providing a steady salary $12-14/h they think that they will be able to keep their employees for a longer time. While Joe’s are not struggling to get people to work for them there have been a few that decided to quit because of their new policies.

They also believe that the quality will increase instead of waitress fighting among themselves to get large groups. There will be an increase in in the price by 3% which is still less than what you would pay if you tipped.

How this turn out we have no idea,but I honk that it Wik, be more and more restaurants giving up on the tipping system, but time will tell us


Cashing it in, Tourism in North Korea

The most isolated country in the entire world are making a fortune $43.6 millions to be exact from tourist last year, to out put it in comparison it made $86 million from GIC. GIC is an industrial park where a total of 124 South Korean companies employees over 50 000 North Koreans. 

So where does most of the tourist comes from? The answer is China. Over 95,000 Chinese tourist go every year to North Korea to take part in regular tourists activities such as going to ski resorts, visiting beaches and climbing mountains. The North Korean also offers turism package that gives particans  experience in work, military and I’m sport. 

Who decided to take their vacations in North Korea? Mostly Chunese people that want to recreate the area when they grew up during the Cold War, also the Pyongyang Marathon seems to another thing that draws people. North Korea still only takes 5000 people a year from Western Counties and strictly forbid “wandering off ” meaning you are going to be watched 24/7 during your North Korean visit, and what you see during your visit is largly  propaganda to make you think that its a much friendlier fo its workers than it actually is.

However the honey moon for North Korea might be over if U.N finds out that  they use their tourism money for weaponry, which would not be surprising. This according to U.N. Would possibly add a traveling ban to North Korea which would largely make it impossible to travel to the unique country. If you are interested in seeing how it looks in North Korea I recommend watching a Vice documentary called Inside North Korea. 



Amazon Reaches Milestone 300-bn

As of November 5th  Amazon joined the 300-bn market cap along with Facebook. To put it in perspective GE(General Electric) market cap is 299.1-bn, and Starbucks 92.44-bn. Amazon is now one of the eight company’s that have a market cap over 300 billion dollars.

Leading the pack is Apple with 674.2 -bn. So, what lead to Amazons great success?

As a regular shopper at I’ve have some insight why amazon has been so successful. Amazon makes it extremely easy to shop online, and has an exceptional easy way to return goods if there is something wrong with purchase. Amazon has also added several new additions to ways to shop, and watch TV-shows. Amazon has also launched several TV-shows of their own. The recently upgraded their service in my town to be able to deliver orders in 1 hour, and several cities have amazon grocery which delivers grocery to your doorstep.

Since I started using Amazon for shopping, I’ve never looked back. I think there are several other good online stores that have 2 day shipping, but none of them that I’ve found as easy as Amazon. This is why the 300-bn club companies are all very exceptional, and thus it’s consider to be one of the greatest milestones a company can reach.

Amazon cop