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Telltale Walking Dead Season 1&2

As a owner of a ps4 I invited in ps plus, which this month “gave me” Walking Dead Season 2. I had purchased Season 1 a few months back, and thus I was looking forward to see what else the story could bring me.

This is no ordinary video game, it’s more like playing a character in  a TV-Show. The game gives you usually 4 choices to choose between which one of them is to say nothing (which also can have an impact on the story), and depending on what you pick the story changes. First it felt like the story was going the direction that it itself had planned out for me, but the more I invested time into it, the more I started to care about the characters and the decisions I choice.

The game thrives on story, if you are not interested in listening to hours of dialogs conversation this game isn’t for you. The game focuses mostly on the choices you pick, and you can pick your own destiny, who you bring with you and who you like and dislike.  The save game carries over from season 1 to season 2 , so all the decision that you made in season 1 will be transferred over (if you want) to season 2, and you can continue where you left of.

The graphics are kinda Borderlandish  cartoony,  but it not necessarily a bad thing. The control works flawless, and I had no problem performing  actions that were required by me. However, there weren’t really any advanced moves that required a lot of different button pressing at the same time, but when the action went down there was no problem controlling the character.  It’s divided up in a few episodes per season, each episode are purchased  separately, unless you buy the whole package, which is available, but during the “season” they release 1 episode every so often. The Story is great, it’s really anything you make it out to be it’s your own adventure. The voice acting , and the sound effects are both flawless.

If you are feeling a little bit burned out of shooting games or fallout 4, I would recommend checking this game out. Fair warning being a Walking Dead fan greatly increases the fun you will have.



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Blizzcon 2015 

Another year and another Blizzcon. This years Blizzcon features no new games, but it is packed with new expansions, and overwatch the latest Blizzard game that has yet to been released ( except on Beta).

Hearthstone the card game that so many people have come to love is coming out with a new adventure this upcoming Thursday, and several new cards with it. It recently came out with an expansion involving several new cards, but this time around there is no packs, instead players earns the cards from completing the expansion.

Heroes of the storm Blizzads answer against league of legends and Dota 2 is coming up with a new game mode called arena. The mode is not yet released, but is playable at Blizzcon. There is also several new heroes and skins that will be added.

Starcraft the enormously popular strategy game is coming out with a new standalone Starcraft Legacy of the void, and it entails several new changes to the game, and also the ability to play co-op campaign.

World of Warcraft the popular MMO game is yet again releasing a new expansion. The new expansion is likely to be timed with the movie they are releasing in 2016. There is a new class that will be a available to play, and several other changes to the game.

Overwatch Blizzads newest game that is yet to be launched, is coming out on console just as Diablo 3 did. Overwatch is also coming out with an basic or a customs package which is 59,99.

Diablo 3 has yet to be announced with any big news sense there big expansion a few months back, but I would be shocked if they were the only one left on the outside.

Blizzcon is hosting several e-sport tournaments this weekend, and you can watch It with a virtual ticket, or at twitch.

Apps & Games

Doulingo a Genious App

Have you ever wanted to learn a second language without the cost and time you would have to put in by going to classes or using outrageously expensive programs such as Rosetta Stone? Doulingo might be the answer to your prayers. 

After spending a good amount of time using it, I have ceretently improved my Spanish, and I’ve also helped CNN, and Buzzfeed translate there websites. Doulingo has a contract with those two sites, and as you are doing your daily quests you are also helping the company stay afloat, as the app is free, and the way they earn their money is by having the users translate news. 

What a genius business plan, the idea came from  CAPTCHA which was bought by Google and is now reCAPTCHA, for you ever done any shopping at ticketmaster, or any other ticket site you know about the box where you see some letters from an old book. That  is Google confirming that you are not a bot, and also you are helping them creating a library. 

After completing all the challenges in the app you are suppose to be able to read a book in the language you have been studying, and conversations will still be rusty, but you are able to understand what people are saying. 

Give it a go, and have fun with it.