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School Lunch-Nothing Good

Kids are now boycotting school lunch, and many of them think that it’s worse than prison food.

Pizza, burgers, and chicken patties are items that are regularly on the menu, and it’s rare to see vegetables offered. Well if you don’t consider pizza a vegetable which according to congress it is.

One would think that when a child is growing up it’s a crucial time to feed them correctly, so they are able to perform good in school. Let’s compare it to countries which are known for having a good education, this is taken from their homepage

“The school menu contains all the components of a well-balanced meal, which are: ▪ fresh and cooked vegetables covering half of the plate ▪ potatoes, rice, or pasta covering one quarter of the plate ▪ fish, at least once, preferably twice a week, or meat (or beans and sprouts as part of a vegetarian diet) covering the remaining quarter of the plate ▪ skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, fermented milk ▪ water to quench the thirst ▪ bread with vegetable margarine or butter margarine blend ▪ berries or fruits for dessert”

Could eating better relate to better results in school? I wouldn’t be surprised if what we use as fuel for our bodies relates to our performance. I wouldn’t go as far to say that improves our intellect, but it could surely improve our ability to concentrate, and also reduce childhood obesity which is a huge problem.

Hopefully in the future we will see an improved school lunch, and a healthier youth.lunch-day-40-001