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No Christmas in Italy

A few days ago a headmaster Marco Parma  said enough is enough, and decided to suspend all christmas carols, and concerts at the school. This lead to an outrage so humongous that even the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi got caught up in it.

The Italian PM decided to come up on the opposite side of the headmaster, and publicly criticizing the headmaster for suspending the christmas carols in the name of multiculturalism.

Despite the media outcry Marco Parma also decided to postpone the annual christmas concert, and rename it “winter concert”, and it will also not have any religious songs. He is putting everything on the plate and is willing to stand by to his decision even if they would fire him.

Why is he doing this? Well Parma said “that last year  we had several muslim children that didn’t sing during the concert, they just stood there” and 1/5 children in the school is non-christian.

This seems to be  a very sensitive topic, and it has created several high profiled italian politicians to speak up about the subject, Matteo Salvini called for the headmaster to be sacked immediately. Matteo Salvini is a right -wing anti-immigrant Northern League.

This topic has been handled many times over, and over in the U.S. where schools have cancelled prayers, and other things because of their religious freedom. Italy seems to be getting the same problems as their country is becoming more multicultural in some parts. The more different types of cultures you are having in one country will automatically create these kind of issues. The solution as I’m sure will be a big subject in the future, would be to dissim of all religious holiday activities in public schools, and instead have private schools that arranges these types of activities. I’m sure it’s a very controversial topic in Italy, but it seems incredibly unethical to avoid, and discriminate the 1/5 of the school children in this particular school.



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