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Telltale Walking Dead Season 1&2

As a owner of a ps4 I invited in ps plus, which this month “gave me” Walking Dead Season 2. I had purchased Season 1 a few months back, and thus I was looking forward to see what else the story could bring me.

This is no ordinary video game, it’s more like playing a character in  a TV-Show. The game gives you usually 4 choices to choose between which one of them is to say nothing (which also can have an impact on the story), and depending on what you pick the story changes. First it felt like the story was going the direction that it itself had planned out for me, but the more I invested time into it, the more I started to care about the characters and the decisions I choice.

The game thrives on story, if you are not interested in listening to hours of dialogs conversation this game isn’t for you. The game focuses mostly on the choices you pick, and you can pick your own destiny, who you bring with you and who you like and dislike.  The save game carries over from season 1 to season 2 , so all the decision that you made in season 1 will be transferred over (if you want) to season 2, and you can continue where you left of.

The graphics are kinda Borderlandish  cartoony,  but it not necessarily a bad thing. The control works flawless, and I had no problem performing  actions that were required by me. However, there weren’t really any advanced moves that required a lot of different button pressing at the same time, but when the action went down there was no problem controlling the character.  It’s divided up in a few episodes per season, each episode are purchased  separately, unless you buy the whole package, which is available, but during the “season” they release 1 episode every so often. The Story is great, it’s really anything you make it out to be it’s your own adventure. The voice acting , and the sound effects are both flawless.

If you are feeling a little bit burned out of shooting games or fallout 4, I would recommend checking this game out. Fair warning being a Walking Dead fan greatly increases the fun you will have.




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