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Facebook and Relationships

Facebook the company most of us has come to use is evolving with us. As of this week, Facebook will allow us to deal with our relationship breakups a little bit easier than before. They added a feature which will without block/unfriend them make them appear less on your feed or in other people’s pictures. It’s called Take a Break.

The feature is much like for us twitter users that have similar feature one can take advantage of it’s called the mute feature.  Sometimes it’s feels scary to know how much information these websites actually have on us. Mark Zuckerberg basically have the information stored about almost every person that you come to met, and all their habits (or most of them). What one could do with that information if one would be able to get hold of it? there would be endless opportunities, and if you have seen Interstellar or heard about this thing called Murphy’s Law ( Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong) It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where someone could get a hold of a lot of people’s information (hacking, and so forth).

While our social media network wants to evolve for a better experience for the end users, it will bring in more people trying to crack the code. What will happened to the information that gets stolen is up to the person or persons that do it. It’s always seems like a choice to sign up for this or that, but sometimes by not using these tools it might lead you in a disadvantage in your social life, and work life.





2 thoughts on “Facebook and Relationships

  1. How is that different than Stranger Danger?

    Someone always knows something about us. The fact Zuckerberg is so well-known makes him a better target than any other Facebook user.

    We can’t avoid the world. It’s dangerous, but avoiding it is equally dangerous – depression and suicide. We have to confront it and hope for the best.

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