You Might Drive a Paper Car in the Future

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Japanese scientist at Ehime University have made some breaking through with paper, making it several thousands times stronger than the paper we are used to.

How is this possible? Well, by reducing the size of the pulp fibers  that makes up paper to nano  levels. This will basically increase the strength of the paper, and make it equally strong as iron.

So what? what can we do with this paper strong as iron? Well, simply put there is a huge potential for this kind of product. If we just take in consideration the weight, the weight of paper as we know is a lot less then iron. The weight will improve for cars for an example it would increase the fuel efficiency as the car weighs less, it reduced the weight in rubber by 20% without reducing the strength.

It  is also very effective of keeping air out from food containers, and medicine, which will increase the shelf life of products.

They claim that this will save the paper industry. It sure is exciting, hopefully we will see these productions out in productions in a couple of years.



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