Another Perfect Seasoned Ruined

WHO would have thought Houston Texans would have been The one that broke Bengals Perfect season ? But, today what many people thought was impossible was possible. It wasn’t pretty 10-6, but it got done.

Texans had a horrible start on the season, and they even manage to break a recorded against Dolphins, however not a good recorded. Panther managed to do the most points they have done against any team in half time against Texans. The season looked grim, when rhe season started they were still unsure how to use as a first quaterback, and after several games they picked hoyer, but not without drama. The reserv quaterback misses a training because he overslept, and the he missed the airplane when the them flew out for a pen away game, and that resulted in them sacking him.

In today’s game Hoyer got a concussion and Yates took over, who knows how serious the concussion is, but hopefully hoyer will get well soon. It sure has been a something out of a soap opera for the Texans team season, but so far they haven’t done to bad 4-5, maybe we will be able to see some more wins in the future one can hope. If they manage to get a grip of the quaterback situation they can be a real threat this year.


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