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Great Barrier Reef Won Protection

Australian Government has banned dredge dumping in the World  Heritage waters. The new bill is seen as a big victory for  WWF, and anyone who cares about the reef. The reef has lost half of its coral in a period over 30 years. Scientist believe that it is because the reef has been under pressure from chemical pollution, plague eating coral starfish, and climate change. It’s now being discussed next month for being listed as “in danger” by Unesco.

Australia has been trying to fight the “in danger” listing with diplomats as it would hurt their $6bn/a  year tourism industry that relies heavily on the reef.

The Australian government have decided to spend over $2bn over the next years to protect the reef. However, a lot of people are very sceptical of their  methods. According to  Nick  Heath spokesman for WWF,  they spend over $500m on maritime safety instead of bringing back coral,sea grass,  turtles, and fish.

What will happened next month in the meeting will be crucial for Australia, and it’s tourism industry. Hopefully, they will continue helping the reef, and continue to work together with WWF.

greet barrier


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