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Joe’s Crab Shack Eliminates Tipping

If you ever been to the United States, you know that tipping is something that you do at every single restaurant/bar because the waiters are earning aroun $2.13/h Tipping is what breaks or makes the waiters salary. As it can be a good thing idea the restaurant you work for is busy all the time and you therefore will get more tips, depending on if you share the tips with everyone or if you keep your own.

Why are they doing this? Well, they have been like any restaurant business struggling with high turnover, people will quit the job not long after they are hired.  By providing a steady salary $12-14/h they think that they will be able to keep their employees for a longer time. While Joe’s are not struggling to get people to work for them there have been a few that decided to quit because of their new policies.

They also believe that the quality will increase instead of waitress fighting among themselves to get large groups. There will be an increase in in the price by 3% which is still less than what you would pay if you tipped.

How this turn out we have no idea,but I honk that it Wik, be more and more restaurants giving up on the tipping system, but time will tell us


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