Cashing it in, Tourism in North Korea

The most isolated country in the entire world are making a fortune $43.6 millions to be exact from tourist last year, to out put it in comparison it made $86 million from GIC. GIC is an industrial park where a total of 124 South Korean companies employees over 50 000 North Koreans. 

So where does most of the tourist comes from? The answer is China. Over 95,000 Chinese tourist go every year to North Korea to take part in regular tourists activities such as going to ski resorts, visiting beaches and climbing mountains. The North Korean also offers turism package that gives particans  experience in work, military and I’m sport. 

Who decided to take their vacations in North Korea? Mostly Chunese people that want to recreate the area when they grew up during the Cold War, also the Pyongyang Marathon seems to another thing that draws people. North Korea still only takes 5000 people a year from Western Counties and strictly forbid “wandering off ” meaning you are going to be watched 24/7 during your North Korean visit, and what you see during your visit is largly  propaganda to make you think that its a much friendlier fo its workers than it actually is.

However the honey moon for North Korea might be over if U.N finds out that  they use their tourism money for weaponry, which would not be surprising. This according to U.N. Would possibly add a traveling ban to North Korea which would largely make it impossible to travel to the unique country. If you are interested in seeing how it looks in North Korea I recommend watching a Vice documentary called Inside North Korea. 



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