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Starbucks Cup Design Angers Customers

December is coming up and companies ar gearing up for yet another Holdiay season. This year Starbucks decided instead of having a design on their cups to have them to be plain red. What gives? Well apparently this ne design has even got Donald Trumps attention calling out for a bocjott. 

Starbucks wanted the customer to let the customers use their own imagination on their cups, and this of course led to several complains from high profile bloggers saying that Starbucks hates Jesus. Is there a possibility in today’s society to do anything without offending somebody? Starbucks is not a person first of all, so it doesn’t have the ability to hate, and I got a hunch that even thought the cup is red, they have had several teams coming up with the idea, and Probably tried to make it so it appeals to several different kind of people. They also sell several products with Christmas on them, and since when was it a requirement to have special kind of mugs ? Does anyone actually believe that back in the day they cared about what colors the cup had ? 

Also nobody is forcing anyone to go to Starbucks, if you are upset save money and make your coffe at home. As a regular at Starbucks I couldn’t care less what the cup looks like, I go there because of the I enjoy their coffe, and the fast service. If I had the ability to choice a market strategy for Starbucks I would make several custom made cups for an extra price,  plain cups and custom made cups for 30 cent extra, it would give everybody and opportunity to get your special designed cup that is so oh important for a mere price of 30 cent extra it would for sure be worth it? 


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