Amazon Reaches Milestone 300-bn

As of November 5th  Amazon joined the 300-bn market cap along with Facebook. To put it in perspective GE(General Electric) market cap is 299.1-bn, and Starbucks 92.44-bn. Amazon is now one of the eight company’s that have a market cap over 300 billion dollars.

Leading the pack is Apple with 674.2 -bn. So, what lead to Amazons great success?

As a regular shopper at I’ve have some insight why amazon has been so successful. Amazon makes it extremely easy to shop online, and has an exceptional easy way to return goods if there is something wrong with purchase. Amazon has also added several new additions to ways to shop, and watch TV-shows. Amazon has also launched several TV-shows of their own. The recently upgraded their service in my town to be able to deliver orders in 1 hour, and several cities have amazon grocery which delivers grocery to your doorstep.

Since I started using Amazon for shopping, I’ve never looked back. I think there are several other good online stores that have 2 day shipping, but none of them that I’ve found as easy as Amazon. This is why the 300-bn club companies are all very exceptional, and thus it’s consider to be one of the greatest milestones a company can reach.

Amazon cop


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