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Blizzcon 2015 

Another year and another Blizzcon. This years Blizzcon features no new games, but it is packed with new expansions, and overwatch the latest Blizzard game that has yet to been released ( except on Beta).

Hearthstone the card game that so many people have come to love is coming out with a new adventure this upcoming Thursday, and several new cards with it. It recently came out with an expansion involving several new cards, but this time around there is no packs, instead players earns the cards from completing the expansion.

Heroes of the storm Blizzads answer against league of legends and Dota 2 is coming up with a new game mode called arena. The mode is not yet released, but is playable at Blizzcon. There is also several new heroes and skins that will be added.

Starcraft the enormously popular strategy game is coming out with a new standalone Starcraft Legacy of the void, and it entails several new changes to the game, and also the ability to play co-op campaign.

World of Warcraft the popular MMO game is yet again releasing a new expansion. The new expansion is likely to be timed with the movie they are releasing in 2016. There is a new class that will be a available to play, and several other changes to the game.

Overwatch Blizzads newest game that is yet to be launched, is coming out on console just as Diablo 3 did. Overwatch is also coming out with an basic or a customs package which is 59,99.

Diablo 3 has yet to be announced with any big news sense there big expansion a few months back, but I would be shocked if they were the only one left on the outside.

Blizzcon is hosting several e-sport tournaments this weekend, and you can watch It with a virtual ticket, or at twitch.


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