Nightmare Start for Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks last season won Western Conference (51-24-7), and today Anaheim Ducks (3-9-1) was considered as one of the favorites going into this 2015-2016 season in NHL, however they had one of the worst seasons start in the team’s history.

Last night Corey Perry was finally able to score  his first goal of this season lo and behold they were able to snatch a win against Florida Panthers.  Infact Ducks have had so much problem with their goal scoring that a Jamie Benn had more goals than the entire Ducks team. They are yet to win a game on regulation time on away ice currently (0-5-1) the only team so far unable to win on away ice.

So what is the ducks lacking? Their goalkeeper Frederik Andersen (.934) has been doing all he can against the lackluster defense so far, and if the Ducks have been doing bad defensively they have for sure not been better offensively, with only 17 goals so far this season, to put it in perspective most teams have done twice as many goals as Anaheim has done so far.

Something has to be done, and most likely the head coach is going to get fired, but who would be their new coach? There is a lot of question marks going forward this season, hopefully some can be answered.



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