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Drought in California

The drought has struck California, and with new regulations in place Beverly Hills  is to be fined $61,000 for failing to achieve the goal of reducing water usage by 25% from 2013. 

The fine might seem mediocre for one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in America. Thus, it has led to an outrage as several other cities including Los Angeles achieved its goal.  To, put it in comparison a person living in L.A spent on avrage 68 gallons of water per month compared to in Beverly Hills where the average person spends 175 gallons per person. 

I would guess that the avrage L.A resident have an way smaller yard, and house compared to the people living in Beverly Hills. Homaged homes.
A strong complex of thunderstorms moved through the Houston area Saturday morning with rainfall rates of 2 to 3 inches per hour in some places.
The result has been high water on roads and in some neighborhoods.
The Harris County Office of Emergency Management told KPRC 2 there were more than 130 water rescues and around 44 reports of structural flooding around the city. Officials also said flood issues are from rain in neighborhoods and not the bayous.
Rain chances will continue for much of the morning and we don’t expect a clearing to happen until mid-afternoon. However, the state is planing on keeping track of individuals that uses more water and maybe in the future sue them for exceeding the maximum treshhold. I do agree that something has to be done, another the wast amount of water being wasted during this serious drought, as it would be unfair towards the rest of the people in the state, and who would want to save water if the people who earns the most are just going to spend it all on watering there yard? 

What could be done is to either increase the fine $61,000 is far less than what people pay for there cars in Beverly Hills it might even be consider pocket change for some.  Here is my list of what they should do:

  1. Increase the fee
  2. Have a system whereas if you reach over the limit the amount you pay will significantly increase ( similar to a cellphone data plan )
  3. Spend money on better equipment that reduces the water output
  4. If an individual don’t care about the increased cost, fine them if they have repeatedly gone over the limit. 
  5. Make the information public, everyone in Beverly Hills care about there reputation making it a stain on your record that you use way too much water during this catastrophic times will change there opinion

Please send me comments on your opinion what the state can do.



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