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No Christmas in Italy

A few days ago a headmaster Marco Parma  said enough is enough, and decided to suspend all christmas carols, and concerts at the school. This lead to an outrage so humongous that even the Prime Minister Matteo Renzi got caught up in it.

The Italian PM decided to come up on the opposite side of the headmaster, and publicly criticizing the headmaster for suspending the christmas carols in the name of multiculturalism.

Despite the media outcry Marco Parma also decided to postpone the annual christmas concert, and rename it “winter concert”, and it will also not have any religious songs. He is putting everything on the plate and is willing to stand by to his decision even if they would fire him.

Why is he doing this? Well Parma said “that last year  we had several muslim children that didn’t sing during the concert, they just stood there” and 1/5 children in the school is non-christian.

This seems to be  a very sensitive topic, and it has created several high profiled italian politicians to speak up about the subject, Matteo Salvini called for the headmaster to be sacked immediately. Matteo Salvini is a right -wing anti-immigrant Northern League.

This topic has been handled many times over, and over in the U.S. where schools have cancelled prayers, and other things because of their religious freedom. Italy seems to be getting the same problems as their country is becoming more multicultural in some parts. The more different types of cultures you are having in one country will automatically create these kind of issues. The solution as I’m sure will be a big subject in the future, would be to dissim of all religious holiday activities in public schools, and instead have private schools that arranges these types of activities. I’m sure it’s a very controversial topic in Italy, but it seems incredibly unethical to avoid, and discriminate the 1/5 of the school children in this particular school.



YouTube Recomendations

I’m going to endorse a few YouTube channels I regularly watch.

The first one that comes to mind is Serpentza.

He talks about his experience living in China, and stuff that goes on in his daily life. He is very informative, and he is approachable.  If I ever went to China I would probably try to visit him. He meets up with his subscribers every now and then and goes out with them. He is just an all around awesome guy.

David Pakman Show

This channel is a political channel mostly aimed towards a progressive audience. David and Louise the hosts of the show talk about current news events,  new science, and almost anything that is currently trending. They also answer audience questions, and david gives out his recommendations.

You Suck At Cooking

After randomly discovering the sandwich of justice I was hooked. He makes several different dishes, and adds comedy to it. I tried several of his recipes, and they are all delicious.


Kripparrian is a famous youtuber/twitch streamer. He streams video games mainly games made by Blizzard. He analyzes different types of mechanics , and new game modes that are being released. His calm demeanor makes him a joy to watch.

The Young Turks

TYT was one of the first channels that I watched that got me interested in Youtube. Cenk the personality behind the show is very energetic and passionate about the topic he presents. The show is mostly a political opinionated news show, but they discuss several different topics.

That’s it, if you have a youtube channel that you think I would be interested leave it in the comment section and I’ll gladly check it out


Apps & Games

Telltale Walking Dead Season 1&2

As a owner of a ps4 I invited in ps plus, which this month “gave me” Walking Dead Season 2. I had purchased Season 1 a few months back, and thus I was looking forward to see what else the story could bring me.

This is no ordinary video game, it’s more like playing a character in  a TV-Show. The game gives you usually 4 choices to choose between which one of them is to say nothing (which also can have an impact on the story), and depending on what you pick the story changes. First it felt like the story was going the direction that it itself had planned out for me, but the more I invested time into it, the more I started to care about the characters and the decisions I choice.

The game thrives on story, if you are not interested in listening to hours of dialogs conversation this game isn’t for you. The game focuses mostly on the choices you pick, and you can pick your own destiny, who you bring with you and who you like and dislike.  The save game carries over from season 1 to season 2 , so all the decision that you made in season 1 will be transferred over (if you want) to season 2, and you can continue where you left of.

The graphics are kinda Borderlandish  cartoony,  but it not necessarily a bad thing. The control works flawless, and I had no problem performing  actions that were required by me. However, there weren’t really any advanced moves that required a lot of different button pressing at the same time, but when the action went down there was no problem controlling the character.  It’s divided up in a few episodes per season, each episode are purchased  separately, unless you buy the whole package, which is available, but during the “season” they release 1 episode every so often. The Story is great, it’s really anything you make it out to be it’s your own adventure. The voice acting , and the sound effects are both flawless.

If you are feeling a little bit burned out of shooting games or fallout 4, I would recommend checking this game out. Fair warning being a Walking Dead fan greatly increases the fun you will have.




Wi-Fi Faster Brother Li-Fi

How much faster? Well compared to our precious Wi-Fi it’s like the super hero The Flash, yes, it’s about 100 times faster than Wi-Fi  with speeds up to 1GB per second.

It’s  not just amazing, it’s unbelievable. They have already started implanting Li-Fi in Estonia. How does this Li-Fi work? Well, it’s being transmitted over light, led light to be exact. I’m sure our precious internet company’s aren’t too keen on  this idea, since there would be no need to be apart of them, unless of course we needed some company to do the installation in our home.  Also, it would enable us to use internet on airplanes, as we know today it’s basically impossible unless you fly first class, or in some cases you have to pay for it.

I’m pretty sure the aircraft companies would find away  to charge us for using this technique, maybe just put in the microchip in specific lights on the plane, or manage to switch between two lights one which is paid for, and the other that is not. There is several possibilities for them, and the great thing about these light they  don’t need to shine bright as a computer screen at 2am, there is a possibility to have to so dimm so the human eye don’t notice that is even on.

However, as the technology is pretty new and one would wonder how much one of these Li-Fi chips cost? and will there be a possibility to use for example the light from a computer screen to access the internet from just the light in the screen, or do the light need to come from somewhere else?

While I’m certain we will see more of this in the future, I sure hope our future gets a little bit brighter.

I included a video about Li-Fi.


Business, Current Issues

3D Technology Blueprints Banned in Australia

It didn’t take long before the 3D technology industry got into trouble. Who knew, but it probably was inevitable that someone would figure out how to make something dangerous out of a 3D printer.

The blueprint to make them will be bannable to  posses (have it stored on a computer), and there is no easy penalty for being caught with the blueprints it might give you as much as 14 years in jail.

As of  today 3D technology hasn’t really gone mainstream yet, it’s in the early adopters stage. The machine cost a small fortune around $1,2000 plus to get anything remotely good, and it isn’t really user friendly yet. Don’t get me wrong it’s not rocket science or anything, but it’s a little bit of a hassle.

However, the technology has endless of possibilities imagine being able to  make anything you want from home, make a table or a stand for your mobile phone, a pair of shoes, toys, and so forth. The possibilities are endless. The material could also be reused and turned into something else after you don’t need the thing anymore. I can imagine that there will be a large market for blueprints online.

But, with such a machine where even a gun, and probably several other dangerous weapons can be crafted from comes responsibility, and I’m sure we will see several changes to the law in the future, what will be allowed, and what will not.




Person Of Interest

If you like anything that is action packed with  a mystery twist and fast paced I would recommend this TV-Show.

So far there has been 4seasons, and 3 of them are currently available on Netflix. There is about 20-24 episodes per season so far, and each episode is about 45min long.

For me so far the TV-Show has been more than entertaining, it  has been hard to stop watching, and that is pretty rare to come by these days. Hopefully, the new season 5 won’t disappoint. The story is mainly without using any spoilers based on a man trying to help the citizen survive their destiny with help of a computer. It has some funny moments, but that is not really why the serie thrives. It thrives on action, and suspense.

I Rate this show  8 ½ /10


Current Issues

Facebook and Relationships

Facebook the company most of us has come to use is evolving with us. As of this week, Facebook will allow us to deal with our relationship breakups a little bit easier than before. They added a feature which will without block/unfriend them make them appear less on your feed or in other people’s pictures. It’s called Take a Break.

The feature is much like for us twitter users that have similar feature one can take advantage of it’s called the mute feature.  Sometimes it’s feels scary to know how much information these websites actually have on us. Mark Zuckerberg basically have the information stored about almost every person that you come to met, and all their habits (or most of them). What one could do with that information if one would be able to get hold of it? there would be endless opportunities, and if you have seen Interstellar or heard about this thing called Murphy’s Law ( Anything that can go wrong , will go wrong) It’s not hard to imagine a scenario where someone could get a hold of a lot of people’s information (hacking, and so forth).

While our social media network wants to evolve for a better experience for the end users, it will bring in more people trying to crack the code. What will happened to the information that gets stolen is up to the person or persons that do it. It’s always seems like a choice to sign up for this or that, but sometimes by not using these tools it might lead you in a disadvantage in your social life, and work life.





You Might Drive a Paper Car in the Future

Yes, you read the headline correctly. Japanese scientist at Ehime University have made some breaking through with paper, making it several thousands times stronger than the paper we are used to.

How is this possible? Well, by reducing the size of the pulp fibers  that makes up paper to nano  levels. This will basically increase the strength of the paper, and make it equally strong as iron.

So what? what can we do with this paper strong as iron? Well, simply put there is a huge potential for this kind of product. If we just take in consideration the weight, the weight of paper as we know is a lot less then iron. The weight will improve for cars for an example it would increase the fuel efficiency as the car weighs less, it reduced the weight in rubber by 20% without reducing the strength.

It  is also very effective of keeping air out from food containers, and medicine, which will increase the shelf life of products.

They claim that this will save the paper industry. It sure is exciting, hopefully we will see these productions out in productions in a couple of years.



Another Perfect Seasoned Ruined

WHO would have thought Houston Texans would have been The one that broke Bengals Perfect season ? But, today what many people thought was impossible was possible. It wasn’t pretty 10-6, but it got done.

Texans had a horrible start on the season, and they even manage to break a recorded against Dolphins, however not a good recorded. Panther managed to do the most points they have done against any team in half time against Texans. The season looked grim, when rhe season started they were still unsure how to use as a first quaterback, and after several games they picked hoyer, but not without drama. The reserv quaterback misses a training because he overslept, and the he missed the airplane when the them flew out for a pen away game, and that resulted in them sacking him.

In today’s game Hoyer got a concussion and Yates took over, who knows how serious the concussion is, but hopefully hoyer will get well soon. It sure has been a something out of a soap opera for the Texans team season, but so far they haven’t done to bad 4-5, maybe we will be able to see some more wins in the future one can hope. If they manage to get a grip of the quaterback situation they can be a real threat this year.


Ronda Rousey Perfect Record Broken

No, It wasn’t Mayweather that broke her perfect streak, but it was a former boxer Holly Holm. Holly Holm’s 33-2-3 dosen’t come near Mayweather 49-0-0, but not many saw this coming. Holly Holm is now 10-0-0 in MMA, and maybe also the new superstar, but that remains to be seen as Ronda has established not only a reputation in the fighting world, but she has been in several hollywood movies lately (Expendables 3, Furious 7, and  Entourage to name a few ).

The first loss can be crucial to her career as a MMA fighter, but hopefully she will come back even stronger for the next one. Many thought that she was invincible, something like a superwoman. It will be interesting to see what her future holds.

For Holm on the hand running on her undefeated record will be the woman to beat. It is going to be interesting to follow her and see if  she can beat Ronda 12-0, and currently now 12-1.

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 14:  UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey hosts #TheLinkParty at the IceLink Boutique West Hollywood benefiting The Special Needs Network on May 14, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for IceLink)